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Monday, November 24, 2014

Great book to overcome the theology of Cardinal Kasper and his kind


Worship space for nuns

Benedictines of the Monastery of Au in Switzerland worship here.
 The tabernacle!

Modernism- sworn enemy of beauty.

Aukirche in Monschau, 1910

The same in 1962- by which time a "people's" altar had arrived, after a restoration of 1937.

This after a "restoration" in 1966.

It was atthe beginning of a rather inglorious career for the architect, Stephen Legge (he died in 2005) and his wife Ursula.
St Peter Canisius Weredohl-Eveking

 Holy Cross Arnsberg 
 St Barbara Röhlinghausen 
 St. Anno in Essen-Stoppenberg